Death is all around. It’s a big deal.

Death is all around. Proponents of birth control, abortion, and divorce destroy all the lives they can.

Families are crippled by high taxes necessary to live in decent neighborhoods. Mothers are forced from home and families to workplace. Hordes of immigrants bring down salaries while raising costs and taxes. Voter fraud provides increases the destruction of traditional families, freedom, and decency.

Insane environmental regulations destroy jobs and prosperity for the sake of one Babylonian idol or another. Lies are told to justify making us poorer.

Bankrupting college educations are required so students can be “certified”. It provides huge salaries to a few while impoverishing millions with crushing debt loads. Huge student loans would have been unnecessary if tuition costs were as reduced by technology as other endeavors.

Job-destroying immigrants grow into armies of invaders. Societies are looted. Rape and murder abound, unpunished by police too bribed and fearful to protect helpless citizens.

Mindless distractions of sports, gambling, and pornography waste time and money, cause sin, and distract from death.

Books, movies, tv, and media spew floods of life and family-hating drivel. Sin is glorified. Traditional families are mocked. Divorced mothers are “brave”. Married fathers are “oppressive”. Good is bad and bad is good.

Making it harder? A ridiculous 40,000 separate “ladders to Heaven”, one silly schism after another, distract the vain and pompous from salvation.

Death is all around. It’s a big deal.

It’s always that way. Browning’s phrase, “God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world.” still applies. Obedient Catholics know that we’re walking through the valley of death and heading for life.

We love God and our neighbor. We receive the Sacraments that make admission to Heaven possible. We rise above the soul-destroying foolishness of “belief is all we need” and find Salvation in The Only Church Jesus Founded.

The challenges abound, yet every soul is not far from the doors of a Catholic Church, within which The Body and Blood from The Last Supper are still available. Some choose that straight and narrow way. We see others going off at various tangents down the broad path to destruction. Too bad for them. They are vain fools.

Making the right choice is a matter of life and death. Death? Ignoring The Church He Founded. But, using our free will properly leads us to The Church He Founded.

Life? If we choose The Church He Founded, we get to Heaven. If we don’t, we won’t. Death is all around. It’s a big deal. The Garden is self-weeding. Our warnings must be: “Stifle your vanity. Become a humble obedient Catholic. Anything else is just too risky.