Every day is a new life. We’re on God’s Clock.

Every day is a new life. We’re on God’s Clock.

We may say: “God, let me do Your Will today.” In the first hour of our day’s new life, we may get up and get to work. That’s what Catholic priests, monks, brothers, and sisters in Monasteries and Convents have been doing for nearly 2,000 years.

They are blessed to understand that each day is an opportunity to work for God.


Each of us is among the “laborers” Jesus spoke of being hired. Matthew 20, 1-16 helps us structure our remaining days and lives.

Some of us don’t get up go to work at six in the morning. Suddenly, it’s nine o’clock! The morning is half over! What do we do? We pray: “God, let me do Your Will today.”

Many get out and find work.


Many do nothing until noon! The day is half over! Then, they may decide to get to work.

Some do not. At three in the afternoon, they say: “I have to get to work or I will lose the whole day!”

Lots of people haven’t even started to work by 3 PM!

Five o’clock arrives! That is the day’s last chance for employment. Miraculously, some find useful work to do!

At six, the workday is over.


The laborers get paid. The Big Boss makes a bizarre decision: Every worker gets paid for a whole day’s work.”

Those who labored twelve hours got paid as much as those who worked for one! They complained: “That’s not fair!”

The Big Boss said: I’m in charge here. You got paid according to your agreement. Be glad you did!”


Most Big Paydays come after 70 years! We may start working when we’re 7, at the age of reason, or in our sixties. There is no Biblical endorsement of a last minute “starting time”, but The Only Church Jesus Spoke Into Being tells us it can happen.

The fact is: If we’re over the age of 7, we should start now. If we’re working when we “clock-out”, we get paid the full benefits of the longest, biggest paying pension plan there is!

We should not stop following The Big Boss’s orders until Payday!

Every day is a new life. We’re on God’s Clock.
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