A flood without water?

Before The Flood, The Creation Program was corrupted by viruses, living sins of fallen angels. They, angry and jealous because they were unable to create on their own, came to earth to corrupt the incredibly complicated Human Programs.

The fallen angels also wrote their sins in living form. Programs corrupted by the demons of gluttony took living form. Gluttony became bloated Brontosaurus. Demons of anger, pride and every sin took living form.

Lesser miscegenation resulted in corrupted human programs who lived in fear among the ravening beasts.

God erased the evil by reprogramming The Crust Program. He did so with The Flood Program. The water, from molecules locked in stone below, as is the case today, gushed forth as a huge Rain Program was downloaded. The water was five miles deep. The moon pulled incredibly high tidal waves around the earth. Quadrillions of tons of water in tidal waves many miles thick washed relentlessly around the earth. Ice-caps, like giant bulldozers, scraped and gouged. The earth’s surface was covered with layer after layer of mineral deposits, sometimes a mile thick, often tilted at steep angles to form mountain ranges.

As the minerals settled, and were compressed, more minerals settled on top of them. Over three hundred layers of minerals were compressed into rock. Some layers still hold the bones of the creatures of corruption.

“I’m going to give future generations free will.” we can imagine The Loving Programmer saying. “They can look at all these layers of rock, coal, and oil and all that I have programmed. The fools among them will study it all and freely choose to believe that I do not exist. They will believe that all was an accident. For the rest of time, I will be able to separate sheep from goats without destroying everything. I will make something new. Will anyone realize what I have made? A flood without water?”

Only Catholic Fundamentalists understand that the entire Crust Program was rewritten and downloaded to let the saved find their way to Heaven by faith in God. The lost, of course, prefer the theories of Babylon, which abound.

Then, His updated program came into being. A flood without water? Another? He sent His Son to die for those who would choose to believe and obey, despite the intellectual pretensions to the contrary. The Holy Trinity downloaded Keys to Heaven: “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the Keys to Heaven. What you loose (forgive) on earth shall be loosed (forgiven) in Heaven. What you bind on earth shall be bound (not forgiven) in Heaven.”

Did God program something new? A flood without water? Yes. Those who intentionally avoid or reject The Only Church He Founded wash themselves away. A flood without water? More than that. Many choose to let themselves be washed away by a flood of internal vanity, an error they refuse to wash away with humility and obedience.