The Unprogrammed Programmer

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the complicated things around us. We may find that we are being encouraged to focus more on the things that were programmed than on The Unprogrammed Programmer Who, with His power to program in particles and energies, brought The Creation Program into being.

When we feel ourselves focusing on programmed things, it’s wise to consider St. Thomas Aquinas’s definition of God as “The Unmoved Mover”. Catholic Fundamentalists retranslate Aquinas’s “Unmoved Mover” as The Unprogrammed Programmer.

That doesn’t change The Nature of God, but it may help some relate to Him. If we let programmed things lead us away from Him, we move from moving up to moving sideways. Or, worse.

One “trick” to get our attention focused back on the Unprogrammed Programmer is to define the distraction. “Where did this originate? It leads people away from The Only Church He Founded. It is another way to gain money or control.

We may wonder why the virus downloaded a particular distraction. Pornography, Imaginary Problems, drugs, and every other inducement to damage our programs come from the virus. There is a Universal Constant: “The virus provides distracting errors to lead souls away from The Unprogrammed Programmer.”

The phrase “Qui bono?”, or, in English “Who benefits?” shows that getting to truth is a desire stretching to Roman times.

Asking “Who benefits?” after being aware of news releases is the mental equivalent of using a vaccination to protect our body from disease.