Why did God give us dogs?

A hierarchy: God. Man. Dog.

The Loving Programmer gave us human programs the Dog Program. Why did God give us dogs? He gave us dogs so we could see how much He valued using free will to be obedient.

And, He wanted us human programs to have this idea: We are far smarter than dogs, able to make airplanes, electricity, and x-rays. God, The Loving Programmer, is able to program and download entire galaxies. He is vastly smarter than we humans.

Our dogs love us. We love our dogs. They are not overly bright, but they do have free will. Any dog can choose to make a mess in the house or go outside. Each can decide to chew up things or not. They will choose to obey the command, “Heel.” or run off to chase a cat.

Another important parallel: Problems come from disobedience. Dogs that don’t obey end up in the pound. If we disobey our Master in Heaven, we end up in an even worse place.

We study Scripture, the Catechism, and the lives of the Saints to help ascertain our Master’s will. The more we know, the more we pray, and the more obedient we become. God appreciates obedient believers more than others.

The Dominican Order is an inspiration. The two word “Dominican” has, in its Latin roots, “Domini” and “canus”, words for God and dog. For that reason, Dominicans are called “The hounds of God.”

We can hope to do as well at Judgment.