Does God, at Judgment, Grade on a Curve?

One has to wonder if salvation is based on a constant. We know that we have to obey The Programmer’s Operating Instructions to be saved, and that obedience requires us to love Him and our neighbor. In the 1200s, when European countries were far more religious than now, we may assume that there were a larger percentage of people saved.

Does, for instance, the intentional missing of a Mass today have the same punishment today that it did then? Is sitting through a show or movie that would have been a mortal sin a couple of generations ago still treated as if it’s as great a sin? There do seem to be more things trying to poke holes in our souls. Are we given credit for resisting even a greater number of evil spirits though we aren’t as obedient as those who had fewer demons assailing them?

Once, we were all taught to “avoid the near occasion of sin”. Will those who have never had anyone explain that to them be punished as much as someone who never heard of it, and didn’t realize that pornography, for instance, should be avoided?