Souls and Holes

We know that a sphere encloses the most amount of space with the least amount of material. Therefore, a sphere is the most efficient shape. Our soul, operating in wavelengths invisible to the vain, may be visualized as an “electronic sphere” that’s alive.

Sins and other operating flaws may be visualized as holes in the soul. If, for instance, a person is “pro-choice”, he has one hole in his soul. If he’s actively “pro-choice”, the size of the hole increases as does his efforts on behalf of destroying more unborn babies. If he is “pro-choice” and believes in an Imaginary Problem, like Global Warming, his soul has two holes. If he is a pro-choice global warmer who believes that his neighbors’ taxes should be raised, he has a “three-hole soul.”

Some souls make sponges and Swiss Cheese look positively solid. They are more hole than soul. That means the spiritual meniscus, the ethereal film around the soul, is stretched very, very thin. With each new false belief, there is another hole. Eventually, the soul collapses upon itself, just as a broken bubble.

Most of us have holes in our souls. Many believe that the earth is twenty billion years old. That belief distances such believers from He Who programmed, loves, and wants them to join with Him forever. The soul and mind who make God less powerful in this way may be saved, but they tend not to spend their lives worrying about pleasing and obeying Him. This basic hole, drilled straight through the soul of every public school child, causes a life-long distancing from God.

Other holes appear, at the behest of those in control of earthly kingdoms, to which Catholic Fundamentalists refer as the “Pyramids of Lies”. The God-distancing “ancient universe” theories are accompanied by theories of evolution, by which God is made more remote, therefore, even less relevant.

The distancing of God and His Judgment allows peoples to be more easily corrupted as they are taught that what their grandparents knew as “depravity” is “good”. As souls grow more perforated, the likelihood of their salvation is lessened.