The hardest question.

Of all the non-Catholics, it is hardest to write about Protestants. There is a sense of impending doom about them. Many of us have a human desire to see if some who reject The Church Jesus Founded may escape the blunt reality provided by The Council of Trent:
“Neither pagans, Jews, heretics, or schismatics get into Heaven.”
That is very firm statement. No shades of gray.

Those who write about this run a great risk. A writer may suggest that some may get to Heaven even if they renounce The Church Jesus Founded. Someone may seize upon that to conclude, “Well, I’m a good person, so I don’t have to think about being Catholic.” Has that writer become a “proximate cause” of a choice that leads someone to eternal agony?

Many of us have a desire to be “nice”. We may say, “Well, good people can go to Heaven.” If that encourages anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered going to Church to stay away, that may be a “proximate cause” that leads someone to unending pain. The hardest question.

All have free will. All know about The Church. All are free to choose the safe road, and be Catholic. But, if a choice not to be Catholic is based on ignorance combined with outside influences they are neither knowledgeable or smart enough to contradict, can they be forgiven for making the biggest mistake there is?

The hardest question. Where is the dividing line between the lost and saved? It is easy to sympathize with many who have been raised in the sea of schisms. Many are lost among the 40,000 Ladders to Heaven that each of the Protestant schisms claim to be. They have have little knowledge of the Catholic Church except the lies provided by anti-Catholic Babylon and its many minions.

We must share the agonizing question with our Protestant friends. “I love you like a brother. I want you to have the joys of Heaven forever. I am confused as to whether or not you can make it. You can, I know, get there by being Catholic, and my telling you this may provide enough information that if you choose not to follow its direction, you will be lost. Still, I must tell you because it is the truth about The Only Church Jesus Founded.”