In Every Age, Those Who Hate Christ Destroy Themselves.

In Jerusalem, all the political forces joined in the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Both Scribes and Pharisees joined with both Romans and Herodians to get rid of Jesus.   This unusual union of political rivals could only have come about in the face of the ultimate threat to their well-being.

What was the threat that overwhelmed their ancient animosities toward each other?

We get a better answer if see the same political elements of the culture of death today are similarly focused on hating and destroying the Catholic Church in an ongoing crucifixion.  In every age, the lost souls of the world are united in their hatred of Catholicism.  In every time and place, it is vanity that separates fallen men, and fallen angels, from God.  In every age, those who hate Christ destroy themselves.

In our time, those who refuse to believe that Christ is the Messiah have come together, even when their own survival is threatened.  Jews, for instance, are threatened by Moslems.  But, very few Jewish people will publicly acknowledge the threat.  Instead, today’s Jerusalem Establishment worried more about The Church’s imaginary anti-semitism than the Molsems’ desire to exterminate Jews that runs so deeply that it makes Hitler’s look childish.

Similarly, homosexuals are routinely tortured and killed by Moslems in every Moslem nation.  But, no homosexual organization spends time condemning that harsh reality.  Instead, their organizations complain vociferously about The Church and the way She encourages them to avoid destructive, mortal sin for the sake of saving their immortal souls.

Women’s Rights organizations ignore the hundreds of millions of clitorectomies inflicted on helpless girls.  They give no voice to the helpless young girls forced into marriages with men old enough to be their grandfathers.  Not one women’s group ever condemns honor killings of young women.  And, no one on the left even complains about the lack of “equal rights for women” in Moslem nations.  While ignoring this, they know that if Moslems take over their nation, that they, too will be reduced to slavery.  They will not deal rationally with such facts.

As in Jerusalem, three groups have joined to fight the Church, even when they know they will be destroyed by an ally.  They would rather die than obey.   It is, as always, vanity that separates men, and angels, from God.  In every age, those who hate Christ will ally themselves with those who will destroy them rather than with He Who can save them.  In every age, those who hate Christ destroy themselves.