Information comes from one of two places.

We human programs were written and downloaded with a desire to simplify.  We endlessly try to make sense of all that is around us.

We continually work to make sense out of  information we receive, incorporating it into our thoughts and beliefs.

Great simplifications were made by Jesus, founder of The Catholic Church.  He said that people are either sheep or goats;  wheat or weeds;  saved or lost.

Jesus is telling us, by His intellectual example, that we, too, may simplify our world into two things.

We may try to divide what we hear into truth and lies.  As we get older, we are able to see that more and more of the information made available to us is not true.  Lies may have elements of truth, but there are always bits of information that other people want us to believe so that they can get money from us.

Gambling, for instance, is referred to as an “industry”.  That’s a type of lie identifiable as a press release.  Gambling is not as much of an “industry” as it is a scam.

Similarly, many “scientific” observations are not really “science”.  Many “scientific facts” are simply figures that have been jiggered to reach a desired conclusion.  They are made to seem real by endless press releases.

So, how do we tell the difference between truth and lies?  How do we know good from bad?  What infallible guide is there as we go through life?

There is one human constant.  Information only comes from The Catholic Church or from press releases.