Love may save the stubborn

Continental Divides run along high points of mountain ranges. Rain that falls on one side of a Continental Divide flows one way. Rain falling on the other side flows in a different direction.

Such great Divides are earthly symbols for Jesus and The Only Church He Founded. Souls that respond to The Word of God with belief and obedience move toward The Only Church He Founded. They are drawn toward the orderly ranks of Heaven.

Souls who do not hear The Word of God tend to be led astray by illicit desires and flow away from the eternal joy of Heaven.

Similarly, souls who do hear The Word of God, but choose to ignore the instructions therein, tend to flow away from loving God and neighbor. They flow toward the sinkholes of chaos. Many are never seen again.

Sometimes, souls who are moving toward God choose to sin. If they sink into unrepentant error, they begin the inexorable move toward chaos and everlasting pain. That is a sad day.

Miraculously, some of those flowing toward death and destruction may choose to reverse course and begin to move into belief and obedience. That is a happy day.

Since each soul lives forever, the choice to believe and obey, or not, is unavoidable. All must make the choice. It is the most important decision any human being makes.

The choosing is made more difficult by the fact that the Maker of Creation and His Purpose are so carefully hidden from the sinful that many find it impossible to understand.

Sometimes, acts of love, beginning with The Crucifixion, remove doubt, provide understanding, and help people choose to move in the best direction. Love may save the stubborn souls.