Lying Causes Avoidance. Avoidance Causes Pain. Pain Can Lead to Salvation.

Americans have been swimming in lies for years. We were told of dangers of dioxin, ozone holes, Alar, rising/falling sea levels, global freezing/warming, mercury, light bulbs, carbon dioxide, salt, sugar, and the list goes on.

None of us ever saw hard evidence that we were being harmed by these things. The endless Imaginary Problems and their solutions (always involving the hiring of more regulators and the raising of more taxes) went in one ear and out the other.

Problems came and went, many to reappear. But, polar bears didn’t disappear, Florida wasn’t washed away, and birds continued to survive, despite the pesticide-inspired claims to the contrary.

No people has been made to listen to as many lies as Americans. The Ass. Press churns them out on a daily basis. Every “news” outlet is filled with them. Gradually, we have tuned them out. We hear, but do not respond. Slowly, our minds shut down. Our reality has become an endless battle in which a few bright glimmers of truth exist in a sea of lies before being washed away.

Ultimately, hearing enough lies makes a person withdraw. We are not programmed to go through life saying that nearly every piece of information we receive is either a lie, is exaggerated, or carefully hidden. We are uncomfortable saying “He/she is lying.” every time we hear a well-coiffed newsperson reading a script. We don’t enjoy saying, “That is another lie.” when we heard someone regurgitate a lie they’ve just absorbed from the other side.

As we become aware that we are surrounded by lies, we may consider the Roman Catholic Church. She has been despised by every group of liars that lived, and that process is ongoing. That’s the way The Program works. When we get tired of liars, we may choose to go where liars hate to go. That is, in every age, The Roman Catholic Church.