Modernism destroys.

Most of us are convinced that it’s important to be modern and up-to-date.  Those  who want us to destroy our lives and souls encourage us to forget our past and “get with what’s happening”.

As nations, we’ve done that.  The results are obvious:  modernism destroys.  Hundreds of millions of unborn babies have been killed by abortionists, because modernism destroys.

Billions have not been born because of birth control.  Again, modernism destroys.

Energy costs are increasing as more wind and solar lunacies are forced up0n helpless taxpayers.  Cars are smaller, less safe, and more expensive.  They are being replaced with huge, expensive mass transit systems with no hope of working.  Modernism destroys.

Advocates for women’s and homosexual’s rights encourage nations to encourage the immigration of Moslems who will, respectively, enslave and kill them.  Modernism destroys.

Every day, millions of souls leave their bodies and go to judgment.  Souls who prided themselves on being “modern” are lost.  They gave into blandishments to  “think freely”, rather than obey the ancient laws handed down by God to Moses and Jesus.

Once the thought “it’s important to be modern” is put into a mind, it pollutes the concepts of unchanging truth.   At its root, Modernism destroys human eternities because it keeps souls from recognizing God’s permanent, unchanging nature.  Eternal pain follows.

Immortal souls are lost because they have been separated from the loving God Who brought them into being.  Instead of living in the wholeness of God and His Church, they live in bubbles.  It is the nature of The Program that bubbles always burst.

As their souls sink into the unending pain, they realize that modernism destroys.  Part of the pain they suffer is the knowledge that the only thing they had to do was ask God to forgive them.

Instead, they suffer.  Forever.