“New Road to Rome”

Every so often, someone is led to find a “New Road to Rome”. In our age, the “New Road to Rome” begins with translating some old, Iron Age words, like “create” into words that reflect the way we do things today.

Why is that important? Recall a key concept “In the beginning God created Heaven and earth.” That thought, confused and demeaned by Babylon’s huge propaganda machines, moves more easily into modern minds if it’s in commonly used concepts: “The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.” Same meaning, easier understanding.

Why is that important? Nearly all have seen movies made with computer generated graphics. Some look startlingly real. Those movies are made by human programmers. Each human programmer is one of His “human programs”. We, His beloved human programs, were the last and most complicated of all the programs The Loving Programmer wrote.

When we look at a realistic movie that’s been programmed by human programmers, any adult can explain to any child, “God programs in real 3-D. He programs with particles and energies. He, and His Programming Assistants, the Living Energy Programs that Grandpa called ‘angels’, helped The Loving Programmer write and download The Creation Program, all the way from the farthest stars to the tiniest proton. The biggest elephant and the smallest bird are all different programs that He downloaded.

He downloaded The Basic Programs in less than a week! Later, The Loving Programmer erased and restored part of The Creation Program. Layers of rocks and fossils were downloaded when He had The Big Water Program rearrange The Surface Program.”

Children easily and instinctively understand when we tell them, “You, and all the human programs are written and downloaded into The Creation Program. You are playing the Starring Role in a huge movie that’s written and downloaded in actual 3-D.” It’s part of “The New Road to Rome”.

That awareness has already been downloaded within each of their precious programs. Children already think of themselves as undiscovered stars who should be celebrated on American Idol. That gives us an opportunity to explain why The Loving Programmer is so much bigger and more powerful than any of us little, human programs.

We tell them why The Loving Programmer did all that work for us. He wrote The Creation Program so that those who loved and obeyed Him could have eternal joy. At some point, we let them know that those who didn’t believe and obey end up with permanent pain.”

So, we’ve started on a journey on the “New Road to Rome”