Pastor Bob, Enemy #1

During The Thousand Year Reign of Catholicism over Christianity, there was no abortion. Moslem invasions were driven back. Pornography and other sins were kept in check.

Now, the formerly Catholic nations are exterminating themselves with abortion and abortion-causing chemicals and devices. Moslem nations bribe corrupt public officials to open the gates and overwhelm Europe. Sins of every sort run rampant.

What went wrong? When the Thousand Year Reign, described in the 20th Chapter of Revelation, ended with Martin Luther, Catholic teachings had enough momentum to continue. Many of the sinful excesses of Luther, Calvin, Knox, Cranmer, and the others were brought back into traditional Catholicism by the preceding thousand years of Catholic teaching.

The next four hundred years did not deviate far from Catholic teaching. Until the 1930s, divorce, abortion, and artificial birth control were frowned upon.

Then, came Pastor Bob, Enemy #1. He was not about to graduate from a Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist seminary. Pastor Bob was not going to start out as an assistant pastor or youth minister, and slowly “Hear the call” as the rustling of bigger bills called him to progressively larger churches.

Pastor Bob realized: “Hey, I can start my own religion! I can focus on half-a-dozen issues, like infant baptism vs. adult baptism, or Saturday vs. Sunday services, and make such comparative triviality seem ‘intellectual’ to pretentious nitwits and gullible dolts desperate for attention and identity. I’ll have some ‘ministries’ to get people involved, and maybe a marching band. I can have my own church and control the money it brings in.”

In the fifty years between 1950 and 2000, an incredible 40,000 Somewhat Christian groups were formed by Pastor Bob, Enemy #1. While fast food chains were putting mom and pop restaurants under, battalions of Pastor Bobs were destroying the Mainline denominations that were the Theological Fast Food Chains of Protestantism.

As Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, and the rest were being weakened, their own ministers, desperate to maintain enough donations to survive, began to abandon their teachings. Tital waves of contradiction, confusion, and competition washed away countless churches.

The corrupting virus realized: “The Body of Christ is too confused to fight back! With The Catholic Church weakened beyond all our hopes, we can elect the kind of enlightened, educated moderns to allow child sacrifice, at least of the unborn, to begin!”

What has brought abortion, Moslem invasion, and sins beyond numbering upon us? The collective vanity of Pastor Bob, Enemy #1.

There is one escape from the destruction brought upon us by Pastor Bob, Enemy #1. If all who are Pro-Life become Catholic, we may be saved. Many would rather die.