Pastor Bobs and Bobbers

Some critics believe that the entire Protestant establishment, with all its pretensions of theology, may be reduced to four words: “Pastor Bobs and Bobbers”.

There is more to Protestantism than “Pastor Bobs and Bobbers”. Consider how far some of the Anglican/Episcopalian parishes have come. In recent years, The Only Church Jesus Founded has received over a hundred Anglican/Episcopalian churches, entire clergy and congregations, into a blessed reunion.

Those clergy and congregations were sincere Christians before they began their journey. They were not “Pastor Bobs and Bobbers”.

Each of the 43,000 Protestant denominations also contains similarly dedicated Pro-Life people. Their efforts, fragmented among 43,000 competing denominations, are often confused by Pastor Bobs. Pastor Bobs don’t take strong stands because they are afraid to offend donors. Congregants who agree with that sort of “theology” are the “Pastor Bobbers”. Those are Protestantism’s Pastor Bobs and Bobbers. They dwell deep in Christianity’s “Bargain Basement”. Many never make it out.

The Pastor Bobs and Bobbers can do better. But, until they do, Catholics have a duty. It is important to save the lives of unborn children. We can help elect legislators who will do so if Pro-life Protestants enter the most Pro-Life Church on earth and help its organized efforts to save the lives of the unborn.

Saving lives by saving souls. Each Pro-Life Protestant partially paralyzed by Pastor Bobs and Bobbers is kept from uniting in the most holy cause on earth: ending the slaughter of the unborn. When Pro-life Protestants become Catholics, they take giant steps forward. First, they are in a position to obey Jesus: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” That strengthening power allows The Holy Spirit to enter, and invigorates their life in the greater battle for life.

To begin: Don’t paint with so broad a brush as to color all Protestants as Pastor Bobs and Bobbers. Pro-life Protestants are souls God especially wants to be saved.