A perpetual Catholic question.

Billions of us have said “The most important thing is to get our immortal souls into Heaven.”

Then, we proceed to spend most of our time worrying about earthly distractions. A perpetual Catholic question.

Before the Norman Invasion, England was ruled by many, many Saxon kings. Many small kingdoms were at perpetual war with others. Some kings would “get religion”. They would become Catholics, sometimes very fervent Catholics.

A few withdrew from ruling their realms. They spent great efforts praying and studying. Nearby kings would quickly be told of the frustration felt by underlings who preferred war and looting to prayer and humility.

“Oh good!” enemies would say. “King Hosrt has gotten religion. He’s praying, not running the kingdom. Let’s attack!”

If King Horst did not transfer his royal power to a capable leader, he found himself trying to serve two masters. And, he was paralyzed on the battlefield, where “Thou shalt not kill.” was of greater concern than protecting his possessions.

Modern businesses are not allowed to wage war.

Many Catholics are involved both in The Church and in occupations that don’t require breaking any Commandments. We pray to be pleasing to God.