Protestantism’s problem:  “I love my Church!  It feels like home!”


                                                            Every house on earth ends up looking like this one.

Catholics focus on the Soul.  Protestants focus on the Spirit.

Protestants say:  “I love my Church!  It feels like home!”  Catholics think about that.

Our “homes” on earth are designed to be comfortable for our spirit, mind, and body.

Those who can afford it hire architects.  They want their “homes” be as “special” as they feel themselves to be.    Color, light, status, style, and approval are very important to every human spirit.

The first thing people do with a new home is show it off.  Lots of praise is expected.  On the way home, visitors invariably share opinions that contradict what they told the new home-owner!


Protestant Churches are an extension of their homes on earth.   They are comfortable.   Every Protestant Church is furnished with the newest theological “styles” of thought.

The Protestant Spirit does not have any disturbing reminders of their Soul’s Coming Judgment!  Protestants Spirits do not want to be upset by images of obedient Catholic Saints and Angels.  They focused on saving their souls!

Catholics are grateful for those Holy Reminders.  They help us remember:  “I will not live here long.  Soon, my Soul is going to Judgment.”

Every Catholic Church reminds those within:   “Think about where your Soul’s home will be, forever!”


Protestant Churches hate reminders of their Soul’s Coming Judgment.  They do not want their Spirits to lose that precious feeling:  “My Church feels like home!”

Protestant Churches are like their homes.  They are designed to make their Spirits comfortable.


Protestants gratify their Spirits.  Their Spirits want eternal life to be an extension of their life on earth.  “I am happy, here.  I love my Church!  It feels like home!”

They do not like to think about the neighborhood their Soul will live in forever!


Our Spirit only lives in our “home” for awhile.  It will die when we do.  Then, our Soul will go to Judgement.

Then, it will go to its permanent “home”.

Those to whom their Spirit is most important are proud to be Protestants.

For awhile.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

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