Sola Scriptura & Jimmy Bigbucks

Many pompous Protestants proudly proclaim, “I believe in The Bible!  And, I believe in Jesus!  Everything I need to know about Jesus is in The Bible. ‘Sola Scriptura’ means ‘Scripture Alone’ and that’s all anyone needs. The Bible!”

There are differing opinions on artificial birth control, divorce, and abortion.   That’s where Sola Scriptura & Jimmy Bigbucks meet.

In most of the 45,000 Pastor Bobisms, if even one or two of their Jimmy Bigbucks tell Pastor Bob, “I use artificial birth control. If you tell me that is wrong, I’m going to another church.”, their policies will magically include: “Artificial birth control is not an impediment to Salvation when used in a loving, caring relationship.”

The Bible is clear. Genesis 38:9 describes the penalty for “spilling seed on the ground”. The Catholic Church sees that Biblical passage and concludes: “Artificial birth control is a sin.” Catholic teaching also recognizes the scientific fact that many forms of artificial birth control kill the tiniest of unborn babies. 45,000 Marketing Plan Protestants read the same passages, know that abortion-inducing birth control kills the tiniest of unborn babies and reach the self-serving conclusion:  “Abortion-inducing birth control is not specifically condemned in The Bible, so who are we to say it’s wrong?”

Similarly, if prosperous Protestant Jimmy Bigbucks wants to get married and divorced several times, Protestant positions fall farther from the standards unchanged in The Only Church Jesus Founded.  “In our church, Pastor Bob feels it would be wrong to stand in the way of a man and woman who truly love each other.” Lately, many Protestant groups have been pressured by modern Jimmy Bigbucks to replace “man and woman” with “any two people”.  Soon, “two people” will be replaced with “people” as pressure mounts for Pastor Bobs to “increase the number of spouses some people truly need to be fulfilled”.

Consider Henry VIII as Jimmy Bigbucks and the divorce/beheading enabler Cramner as an early Pastor Bob. We see the tragedy of the travesty as the wives’ heads rolled. We also understand that  the flaws of the early Semi-Christian schisms have grown.  For many, there are no rules at all except “The most important thing of all is to be a good person”.

Catholic teaching is consistent.  Jesus was clear: “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.” When Sola Scriptura & Jimmy Bigbucks meet, sin and death become acceptable.

When Sola Scriptura & Jimmy Bigbucks meet Pastor Bob,  45,000 schisms show what it is that Pastor Bob truly worships.

Can one sanely believe that “The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven”, which were only given to The Church over which “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”, will open the doors to Heaven for those who think it is “all right” to embrace the changing rules that emerge whenever Sola Scriptura & Jimmy Bigbucks meet with Pastor Bob?

Actually, it is not:  Sola Scriptura AND Jimmy Bigbucks.  Sola Scriptura IS Jimmy Bigbucks.

Every caring Catholic must be able to explain that to our non-Catholic friends .  We pray that all get it right.