The Bible tells what all the best-dressed people are wearing!

The Bible tells us what all the best-dressed people are wearing! The Book of Revelation tells us what’s in style with God!

White is the color preferred by the best-dressed people. What fabric do they choose? Linen!

Do they wear Trousers? Shirts? Shorts? No. the best dressed people in Heaven are wearing robes.

The Book of Revelation tells us that at least half a dozen times! The best-dressed people in all Creation are wearing white, linen robes!

The linen robes worn in Heaven are “dazzling”. How did they get so bright? Revelation tells us! They were “washed in The Blood of The Lamb.”

What was this linen made of?

Revelation tells us! The linen fabric was woven from “the good deeds of the Saints”.


Catholics easily understand the basic facts! “the good deeds of the Saints” take useful form in Heaven. The souls in Heaven are all dressed in “dazzling white” robes made from “the good deeds of the saints”.

Could anyone hope to be better dressed?

Older Catholics realize: One of the joys of Heaven is having one set of clothes that is always clean and never goes out of style!


How big are the “white robes” that they wear?

Rev. 6:10 tells us that the “white robes” were given the souls of the God’s martyrs. A soul is very tiny. The “good deeds of the Saints” may be woven in Heaven from “threads of light” that are smaller than photons!

Catholics all know that the stars in the sky are “dressed in dazzling white”. The shining rivers of light that pout out of them are made of photons. Or, out of the things that make photons!

The stars of Heaven may be dressed in the same thing that makes the “dazzling white robes” of all the Saints in Heaven!


Catholics know that stars “shine” because they pour out rivers of photons. Catholics see the similarity to Heaven’s “dazzling white robes”.

All Catholics agree! “I hope I am a good enough Catholic to be dressed forever in the clothes of stars!”

The Bible tells what all the best-dressed people are wearing!

Catholics in Heaven are “Stars wearing Stars!”

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