The Iron Age is Over. Its Truths Survive.

The Iron Age

After Adam and Eve were evicted from The Garden, angels taught them how to use the programmed entities around them to feed, clothe, and house themselves.

Over time, their descendants learned to work with stone, copper, bronze, and iron.

The Iron Age lasted a long time. During that period, the 3,900 years between Abraham and Edison, most of our religious thoughts had accumulated in the wisdom of The Roman Catholic Church.

The thoughts that produced that Structure are still valid, we only need to change the words to fit the electron-based technology of our own Age. One of our most important jobs is to maintain the truth of God’s work in our new age. So, we transpose our words onto the processes recorded in Iron Age words.

Its Truths Survive

One of the first transpositions is to replace the verb “creation” with “programming”. When “creation” is used as a noun, we replace it with “The Program”.

After beginning this process, we can’t help but see that we humans, ourselves, are “free will programs”. “That means,” we may say in astonishment as we contemplate the complexity of the countless programs that comprise The Creation Program, “The Loving Programmer went to all that trouble to give us free will simply so we could each freely choose to be sheep or goats?”