Our unborn children are our closest neighbors.


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We must love our neighbors to get into Heaven. Our unborn children are our closest neighbors.

Simple arithmetic: Add “Thou shall not kill.” to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Where do stand? We choose life, or death.

The Catholic Church, and a half-dozen other denominations, have clear, written guidelines that protect all unborn babies. Many individual churches also condemn abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.

Many embrace a popular delusion: “I choose to use abortion-inducing birth control that kills our tiniest babies. Still, I am a good person.”

Can we disregard “Thou shall not kill.” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” and believe we may knowingly use abortion-inducing birth control and get to Heaven?

Our unborn children are our closest neighbors. Can we get to Heaven if we knowingly kill them with abortion-inducing birth control?

Many of us are spiritually crippled by choosing to kill for convenience. That lack of love for life crystallizes in fewer marriages, fewer families, and fewer children. The lack of love for unborn children brings death, and not only to those we kill. That lack of love kills families, communities, and nations.

We replace children with lunacies. Sex, drugs, sports, gambling, and gain become objects of worship.

As our need for self-gratification grows, more children are sacrificed on the Altars of Convenience.

Our most innocent neighbors, no bigger than a grain of salt, as tiny as each of us once was, are lost, killed across the once-Christian nations by countless millions.

What do we do? How do we save our children, ourselves, and our souls? We may return to The Church that has been Pro-Life for two thousand years. We may find and support another that is similarly Pro-Life.

Or, we may choose to support and subsidize the ongoing confusion and pretend we are doing good.

What we choose here determines our future forever.