What are the two kinds of people?

There are two kinds of people.

1. Grateful, happy people thank God for His great gift of life!

2. Ungrateful, angry people don’t think about God or the blessings He gave them.


Why do people become ungrateful and angry? They were not loved and protected from emotional abuse when they grew up.

God is Love. God is Logic. (Logos). It is hard for unloved people to have His Logic working in their minds.

Lack of love leads to lack of Logic. That is why ungrateful, angry people reject God and His Teachings.


Those separated from God cannot think logically. Their confusion turns into ingratitude. Then, anger!

Godless thinking is reinforced by every evil person in the world! The airwaves are filled with endless broadcasts praising ingratitude and anger.

Ungrateful people get angrier every day!

Angry people align their thinking with words from people whose anger is allowed to be broadcast. Angry people lead others to hate God and not love their neighbors.

They do love to praise themselves! “We are not angry or confused! We are right! People who disagree with us are wrong! We want to straighten them out! We want everyone to be as ungrateful and angry as we are!”


Catholics obey an important rule! We do not let ourselves get angry with those who are confused! We know! It is impossible to reduce anger by being angry with those who love to be angry!

The angrier people are, the less intelligently they think. That’s why Catholics love our neighbors. We do not want to add fuel to the fires that make souls flammable!


Catholics know! God loves us. He wants us to help our neighbors think clearly enough to be grateful for the gift of life God gave us.

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