Is there a contradiction in The Book of Revelation?

Is there a contradiction in The Book of Revelation?  The last Book in The Bible includes two lists.  Each lists seven sorts of sinners whose souls will not be allowed into Heaven.

The first list is in Rev: 21: 8.  “But the legacy for (1) cowards, (2) for those who break their word, or (3) worship obscenities, for (4) murderers and (5) fornicators, and for (6) fortune-tellers, (7) idolaters, or any other sort of liars, is the second death in the burning lake of sulphur.”
(numbers inserted)

The second list of condemned souls appears in Chapter 22: 15.

“These others must stay outside:  (1) dogs, (2) fortune-tellers, and (3) fornicators, and (4) murderers, and (5) idolaters, and (6) everyone of false speech and (7) false life.”  (numbers inserted)


The names differ.  The first list of lost souls begins with “cowards”.  The second list begins with “dogs”.

Is there some error in The Book of Revelation?

No.  Fearful, favor-seeking “dogs” are another name for “cowards”.


The order does differ.  “fortune-tellers” are the sixth to be identified among the damned in the first list.   In the second list, they are the second to be labeled.

“idolaters” go from #7 in the first list to #5 in the second.  Others among the willfully disobedient are in different order.


The lists show what may be different levels in the “Circles of hell”.  Differences may be there to confuse the willfully sinful.

Obviously, any “fortune-teller” would rather suffer forever at level #2 than at level #6!

Catholics realize that the smarter “fortune-tellers” argue about that among themselves!   “”We may not be that bad!  We may only ‘sixth’ among the damned!  We may get to spend eternity in less agony!  Even The Bible is confused about how bad we are!  We may not be that bad after all!”


Why may that confusion exist?

It gives both “idolaters” and “fortune-tellers” a ridiculous excuse.  “God can’t blame us for idolatry and fortune-telling if we didn’t have a clear guideline about how bad our sins actually are?  We were confused.  That’s not our fault!”


Catholics see that God may have given them a reason to argue with Him forever.   They will live in more pain as they fight among each other for eternity.

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